1. Ryan0
2. kiko0
3. piksi0
4. Pzone73
5. nbv2hv275
6. hercule305
7. settq352
8. Ozz437
9. Jamie1900
10. o lucifer 01980
11. Tristan_Pa2023
12. Daemon2490
13. Khepera2829
14. custy riley austin2854
16. Sandusky2922
17. custy craig pereira2925
18. Khepera2930
19. Khepera2939
20. Kevin G2947
21. CiHAN TAMA2985
22. Sandusky3017
24. Custy Darvin Bhagwat3029
25. Sandusky3089

Click here for a 2nd version of this game that is more difficult

What is Maze Frenzy?
Its the wackiest and most exciting maze game on the internet!
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How do I play?
Click on the tiny red dot and guide it through the white part of the maze. Watch out for the moving objects. If you go off the path you will have to start all over from the beginning.

How do I make the top score?
As soon as you click on the tiny red dot you will be timed. The sooner you finish the better.

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